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New Beginnings Re-entry provides supportive services to see a positive change in people, allow them to rebuild and develop a new lifestyle, family relationship, teach self-preservation skills, meals, anger management, housing, financial management, and transportation. Our vision is to assist returning citizen into the community, and decrease prison recidivism, and improve public safety. 

New Beginnings Re-entry Residence is a nonprofit organization providing services to meet immediate needs of members of the local community. Our services include providing information about local resources that provide emergency and temporary shelter for individuals, families, and pets. When you need assistance during hardship or want to learn more about available opportunities in the community based on your situation, please contact us. As a tax-exempt entity donations and contributions made qualify as a tax deduction based on federal guidelines.

Our mission is to provide assistance to those in need through personalized services paid for by contributions and donations through the public and government funding. Community service and volunteering opportunities are available and private shelters for men, women, and children. We encourage people to learn how they can get involved in their community by raising awareness of specific needs. Learn about volunteering opportunities that are available all year round for people of all ages and interests.

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