Teach self preservation skills

For many prison inmates, leaving prison and entering the regular world can be a difficult experience. Many inmates are not well-equipped to lead productive lives after they are released, and we know it is very important to teach a large variety of skills to inmates to better facilitate their eventual reintegration into society. Our program provides change thinking patterns, resulting in permanent changes in behavior. Life Skills training impacts every area of an individual’s life, from coping with emotions to rearing children and from managing money to making decisions.

Transportation Services

For many ex-inmates, getting around is a challenge. Whether it’s because lack of income, injuries or physical problems make getting to their appointments difficult,that’s why our program now provides transportation assistance. We can provide lifts for persons in this situation, giving them fast and safe transportation to and from their appointments. Call today to learn more about how you can help.


Everyone deserves a safe and warm home, but with the cost of housing rising, many families have had to stay in cramped apartment spaces or have had to accept substandard housing just to survive. We don’t believe that this is right. That’s why our organization is dedicated to helping families and individuals in need find safe and affordable housing that’s as close to their jobs as possible. We want every person who walks through our door to leave knowing that they have someone in their corner who can help them find affordable and safe housing, but we can’t do it alone. With your help or donations, our team can continue its work on providing good homes to good people. Please call us today and ask about how you can help.

Life coaching

If you feel that you have lost some of the confidence that you may once have had in your life, it is always very important that you can get it back. With this in mind, our team can offer you expert life coaching. We are able to offer coaching and support for anyone who needs help getting motivation or direction, and our previous clients have found our services to be incredibly helpful. If you would like us to work with you and teach you great ways to reach the goals you set yourself in life, just give us a call and we would be happy to set up a consultation.

Financial Management

Each day, former inmates are released in a new life—often with no home, no family support, and little money or no money at all, and questionable credit . Finding and keeping a job, as well as managing the money they earn, is essential to successful re-entry into society. We help re-entries to establish a solid financial foundation by getting into our program, that provides basic financial planning tips, including creating a spending plan, establishing a banking relationship, and avoiding money traps.

Re-Building Family Relationships

Families are often challenged by the incarceration of a loved one. They experience a major sense of loss, both practical and emotional. The loss of income can destabilize a family and lead to homelessness. The change in family dynamics can erode the possibility of successful restoration of the inmate in the family unit. Our program offers family support, professional therapy, and other tools to recover all the family relations.